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Byron Miller

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Byron Miller – The Gift: Psychobass 2

“What the world needs now is Funk Sweet Funk” And Psychobass - alias Byron Lee Miller – has got just The Gift.

Rumblin’ to you live from the Roundtable of Over-Standing Musicology - by directive of the Delegation of Round Wound Strang - The Universe proudly presents…Psychobass 2: 4 U, Yoo and, most definitely, YOU.
 Our hero – “Funky Boy ‘B’” - was last seen cruising at parade peep-able altitudes to let the world know he is Back, On The One and In Full Effect. Today, he is soaring in the Love Zone with his compassion and concern controls throttling on high as he watches chaos unfold upon Funk-deficient black sheep planet Earth.

“Uh…time to administer some of my plush Penthouse Funk,” the Groove Guru muses, stroking his chin with his left hand while calmly reaching behind him with his right to grab his 4-string & 5-string custom MTD basses of orange and green. Rendering vocal vibration insufficient for this mission, Psychobass flips the script with pure sonic science on a wavelength fused from positive ionic masculine and feminine essences – like Sade meeting Badu over green tea channeling Bernie Worrell and Luther Vandross…via a very Dukey Mothership Connection dialed up by Ndugu & Ooo. We’re rappin’ elevated realms of musical meditation here.

With a wink and a smile, Psychobass and his banded Elite Forces of Funk liberally spread The Bottom on The Top, wielding The One as a weapon of Peace, collecting up the cream and refracting back the Harmony of the Funk-o-Spheres.

“In a dark age when the enemy goes low, we jus’ dip lower into our Low End to go high, bobba,” Psychobass decrees!

“The Gift” is music to move you to groove, vote, start a garden, sugar some walls, spring clean yo’ crib, calibrate your Chi, take a hike, make some babies, mobilize a neighborhood watch, or master some downward facing dog yoga (“WOOF!”). It’s The Gift you get then turn around and give. Plug in yo’ 9-volt battery and let your Funk Light shine for the whole universe to see…and be.

  1. Scott Galloway
Captain’s Starlog: 15 April 2018
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